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    產品名稱:座駕式前移式電動叉車(C系列24V)        品牌:EFORK       產品型號:CQD-C
    產品介紹 技術參數 售后保障


    - 中等存儲密度、高周轉率的工況
    - 適合在較窄通道內工作

    ? CURTIS柯蒂斯電控,控制器多重自動保護系統。

    ? EPS轉向能耗降低~20%,作業精確,降低了駕駛員疲勞度,大幅提升生產力。
    ? 前移式電動堆高車適用于大噸位、高起升的貨物存儲應用,適用多種托盤,具有門架整體前移的特點,轉彎半徑小,可忽略貨架底層的障礙。
    ? 提升操縱桿處于安全下降位置,貨叉在降至離地面10cm時下降速度自動減慢,有效防止貨物因震動而受到損傷。貨叉上升至最高處時,緩沖系統使得門架震動減小,提升了操作者舒適度。
    ? 緊湊而強勁的交流驅動馬達無需復雜的加速操作即可實現平穩啟動。省去碳刷和接觸器,因而大大降低了維護成本。

    ? Because of CURTIS electronic control, so we have multiple automatic protection system controllers.
    ? EPS swerve can reduce 20% of the energy consumption. It is precise, flexible, and convenient to operate. At the same time, it can reduce driver fatigue, boost productivity.
    ? Moved forward type electric stacker is suitable for large tonnage, high hoisting cargo storage applications,applying to a variety of trays, and has the characteristics of moving forward for overall door frame. Furthermore, it has small turning radius and can neglect obstacles from the bottom of the shelf.
    ? During the operation of decline, the pallet fork is kept in safe when hoisting control lever is in decline position. Especially when pallet fork drop to 10 cm above the ground, then speed will slow down automatically. It can effectively protect the goods from damage due to vibration. When the pallet fork goes to the top, buffering system can reduce the vibration of the door frame. So it is comfortable for operator.

    ? Without complex operation, a smooth start can be realized under the condition of compact and strong AC motor drive.

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    400 888 5107
    24小時免費服務熱線:400 888 5107
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