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    當前位置: 前移式電動堆高車 > 前移式電動堆高車(A系列)
    產品名稱:前移式電動堆高車(A系列)        品牌:EFORK       產品型號:CQDA
    產品介紹 技術參數 售后保障

    ? CURTIS柯蒂斯電控,控制器多重自動保護系統。

    ? 阻尼減震彈簧無需頻繁調節,即可主動根據路面狀況調整立式驅動單元,降低地面對驅動單元的沖擊,平衡了驅動平衡輪的受力,提高了平穩運行效率。
    ? 高質量帶緩沖液壓泵站,噪音低,震動小,密封性好,起升下降平穩可靠。
    ? 防滑制動功能,使車子在失控或者斜坡行駛時,防止其下滑。
    ? 交流驅動,無碳刷,免維護,高效能電機,精準控制,輸出強勁動力。
    ? 多功能手柄,集成控制(加速、喇叭、緊急方向、升降按鈕),人機設計操作更加舒適。
    ? 門架寬視野設計,專用槽鋼,強度高,具有門架整體前移的特點,可調式鍛打貨叉,輕松適用多種托盤,轉彎半徑小,可忽略貨架底層的障礙。

    ? Because of CURTIS electronic control, so we have multiple automatic protection system controllers.
    ? Without frequently adjustment, Damping suspension spring can take the initiative to adjust vertical drive unit according to road conditions, reduce the impact of the drive unit, balance the force of the balance wheel, raise the efficiency and smoothly of the running.
    ? High quality with buffer hydraulic pump station has the character of low noise, low vibration, sealing good, smooth and reliable hoisting and falling.
    ? Anti-skid brake function prevent the car from declining when car driving out of control or at slope.
    ? Alternating current driving, no carbon brush, free maintenance, highly efficient motor, accuracy control, powerfully output.
    ? We have Multi-function handle and integrated control (Like acceleration, horn, emergency direction, lift button). All this function makes the operation more comfortable.

    ? The door frame design is wide field of vision, dedicated channel steel, high strength. It has the characteristics of moving forward for overall door frame. Adjustable forged fork can easily apply to a variety of pallet. Furthermore, it has small turning radius and can neglect obstacles from the bottom of the shelf.

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    400 888 5107
    24小時免費服務熱線:400 888 5107
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